Is that possible to have bottom line of each group instead of each row when using smart markers with group:merge parameter?


What I what is a grid get populated like this
image.png (8.2 KB)

But if I set the smart markers like below, I will get bottom line of each row of column C, D, E, F
image.png (2.2 KB)



Thanks your query and screenshots.

Apparently, the feature is not available. Well, Smart Markers feature is unique feature provided by Aspose.Cells API and you cannot always customize your desired changes as it has its own formatting/style. Anyways, could you provide us a simple template file (containing your smart markers) and paste your sample code (runnable) (or preferably a console demo application, you may zip it prior attaching here). Also, provide us your output Excel file and your desired Excel file (containing your desired formatted data having the bottom line to separate each group (you may update the output Excel file by Aspose.Cells and create your desired file in MS Excel manually). We do not promise that we can incorporate your desired change but we will surely look into it if we can support your needs in Smart Markers.

PS. Please do not use external database/data source, instead use dynamic DataSet/DataTable in your code, so we could execute your code with your underlying data.


Thank you for the reply.

Please check the zip file being attached
ExportTemplateTool - Group Issue (299.3 KB)



Thanks for the sample project with sample files.

I have evaluated your scenario/case using your template file and sample code. I am afraid, Smart Markers might not support your needs completely but you may try with the attached template file as it would suit your needs to some extent if not fully.

Moreover, we might not support everything you need in your way as Smart Markers has its own style and formatting so you might not customize it according to your way all the time.

Thanks for your understanding! (7.4 KB)


Alright… I appreciate it anyway