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Is there any option to convert PDF to MD?

Hi all

is there any option to convert PDF to Markdown??


I Iike to inform that Aspose.PDF only support MD to PDF conversion. Aspose.PDF do not support PDF to MD conversion.

Thank you Ahmad,

I have another question please.
I converted pdf file to one html file (embed all resources inside the html)

When i opened it in Interner Explorer, it has very nice view and the letters were inside the tables, In addition it is responsive. However in chrome for example it doesn’t at all.

How can it be responsive for rest of the web browser?

BTW, I saw an example how to convert pdf to html and in that example there was a comment that says “This is just optimization for IE and can be omitted”

Thank you:)


Can you please share source files along with sample project to reproduce issue. Also please share version details of API along with internet explore version and complete environment details with us.

Hi Ahmad,

thanks for your replay.

please find attached pdf file sample i used to convert
pdf.pdf (423.8 KB)

also jpg file as screenshoot that shows the pdf in acrobat reader vs html converted in Chrome…
compare.jpg (3.8 MB)

i splted the screen to half for HTML and PDF to show the responsive issue:
the pdf doesn’t cut and keep fully in the screen (the half screen i gave to it)
the html cutted and doesn’t fit the screen

Chrome version 81.0.4044.138
i used eclipse (STS 4) software to ran the aspose librery

i used your example

PDF to HTML - Single HTML with All Resources Embedded

// Load source PDF file
Document doc = new Document(“input.pdf”);
// Instantiate HTML Save options object
HtmlSaveOptions newOptions = new HtmlSaveOptions();

// Enable option to embed all resources inside the HTML
newOptions.PartsEmbeddingMode = HtmlSaveOptions.PartsEmbeddingModes.EmbedAllIntoHtml;

// This is just optimization for IE and can be omitted
newOptions.LettersPositioningMethod = LettersPositioningMethods.UseEmUnitsAndCompensationOfRoundingErrorsInCss;
newOptions.RasterImagesSavingMode = HtmlSaveOptions.RasterImagesSavingModes.AsEmbeddedPartsOfPngPageBackground;
newOptions.FontSavingMode = HtmlSaveOptions.FontSavingModes.SaveInAllFormats;
// Output file path
String outHtmlFile = “Single_output.html”;
// Save the output file
doc.save(outHtmlFile, newOptions);

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


I have worked with source file shared by you and unable to observe the issue using Aspose.PDF 20.4. Can you please check and share feedback with us.Single_output.zip (352.2 KB)