Is there any possible to speed up the compressing/decompressing operation?

I test the in in Win10, and found the handling speed is to slow,for example:
a demo archive is 4.5Gb, it will take 90s to complete the decompression by winrar, whereas it will take 6minutes to complete the decompression. So it is above 10 times slower than that of winrar, therefore, Is there any possible or method to speed up the compressing/decompressing operation?
Thanks for your kind reply.

Hello. Based on your measurement, 6 minutes = 360 seconds, so it seems 4 times slower, is not it? We can not increase the decompression speed right away, but…
We played with some approaches to increase speed and got some success - tens percent increase of rar5 decompression. However I can’t say when and if we implement this approach and if it will be available for all frameworks. We opened a ZIPNET-927 issue in our issue tracking system and let you know on any progress with it.

Hello @ducaisoft, there is significant speed increase in 23.3 version, please check.

That’s great! A good news!