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Is this the right place to pose questions on aspose.excel.web

I am trying to evaluate using aspose.excel.web but when I create a one form application with one of our standard calculations spreadsheets (280k) the page takes about 6 minutes to load and is full of #REF! and #VALUE! errors. The documentation links for aspose.excel.web lead to a page I have no permission to view and support links to here.

This product looked perfect for our need to let non developers create and maintain standard project financial evaluations spreedsheets which could be accessed via a web server and the results transfered from the component to the database. However if the component cant cope with relatively small evaluation sheets (300k) then this blocks this solution.

Aspose.Excel.Web is upgraded to be a part of Aspose.Grid so I moved your question here.

500K files is too much to display as a whole in a web application. Aspose.Grid.Web supports pagination which allows you to display data among different pages. You can check this new feature in our online demos: .

For formula problem, please post your file here. We will check it.

The file is 280k, but probably only contains only 2000 cells per sheet. I wasnt looking for a paginated grid to display lots of data cells but rather a server side datastructure which held the formatted input cells and lots of calculation cells. The user might only enter 10-50 data items and these are used to calculate a table of results which might be 100-200 values. The rest of the cells are really blank space, formatting and explanatary text. Yes holding 280k per user session may be problematic but the application is low volume. Once the data is entered and the calculations updated then selected cells would be saved to a database along with a copy of the updated spreadsheet. It sounds like I might have to go down the automation route on the server or activex excel into the browser.

You'd better try Aspose.Excel. I think it can serve your need if you don't want to display all data on web pages.