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Is this the right product for me?


What I’m trying to do is create documents based on templates where only sections of the large documents contain dynamic data from various sources.

For instance, a document may be 5 pages long of unchanging, well-formated (bulleted lists, quoted text, etc.) text, but there may be 5 or 10 places where dynamic data is interspersed. Would this product be able to acheive this sort of work efficiently?



Dear Truth,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

This is the right product for you. You can write your unchanged contents into a XML file, and add your dynamic contents at run time. Please refer to HelloWorldApiAndXml in our programmer’s guide.

Thank you for your reply, forever.

However, it is not just the text I’m concerned about, it is also the formatting (e.g. fonts, hanging indents, numbered lists, etc.). Is this also doable?

Fonts, hanging indents and numbered list are all supported. You can refer to our programmer's guide and API reference and evaluate our product to see if it can meet your requirement.