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IsCritical Always False

I found that the IsCritical attribute is always false when reading an MPP file. Is that because it is a calculated field? Is this something you plan to implement in a future release? One thing that is bothering me is that all these fields are exposed and available but they are providing incorrect data, like StartVariance, FinishVariance and TotalSlack. I can understand that reverse engineering MSProject calculation is probably no simple task but you should not expose them if they are not supported. This is very misleading since I don't see this documented anywhere in your site. Maybe it is something that is only supported in specific formats, I am not sure. But you really need to have better documentation of what is functional and not functional.

These are all things that might not be immediately obvious when evaluating your products and could be giving an impression that it does support those properties when in actuality it does not. This is misrepresenting your product to show more functionality than it truly has, and might upset people who purchase this only to discover that they just wasted their money on something that will not work for them.


Once again an excellent point, wouldn't it be nice if there was a matrix listing the TAGS (elements and attributes) that have been implemented or not in the MS Project XML and another column with the same information for MPP files and a plan when the missing ones will be available ... it may also be that there should be 3 columns for each file type as there may be some versions (2003, 2007, 2010) that are still being worked on too.

My first priority has been MS Project XML and the various versions ... as this has been the only format that is saved. I've been working to make sure that the MS Project XML round trips successfully.. This format has improved significantly since around December last year. (BTW: is an optional TAG in XML. I'll check the .IsCritical in the XML version...)

I like the object model once a project is loaded. Though I've not used all features, most of the properties I need are now available for the MS Project XML... I'll move to MPP once I'm really confident the MS Project XML is working and I've removed the Automation interface (or allowed the user to select either interface).

Regards, Bruce

BTW: I'm actually pretty happy with the way Aspose.Words is working. They have monthly releases and have been adding functionality roughly on their schedule (e.g. TOC updates). In an agile environment, I'm happy to know that something will be available ... If I actually know that it is not available now and will be available at some time). I'm not clear on the big picture or the current state with Aspose.Tasks yet. (for example, I was really surprised that Gantt Charts were added and MPPs and other items are still not finished. IMHO.


I have created a new issue ‘Read IsCritical flag from MPP.’ with ID = 16599 and linked it to this forum thread. We are planning to resolve it in our June release.

Project contains a lot of data and not all customers are using 100% of it. We are adding field’s support according to customers’ requirements. Could you explain your boss that you have lost a week for something that nobody asked?

Supporting MS Project 2010 was the highest priority task for us in last 6 months. Now Aspose.Tasks supports reading project’s data from MS Project 2010 XML and MPP files, not all properties, but most part of them.

Now the most important task is supporting of MS Project MPP data updating. And we are working on extending the existent functionality as well.

May be our plans are not so clear, but we have some important difference here as MPP formats are not open. So to resolve means investigate here…

What is about documentation. You are 100% right. Don’t think that we can put all data in one table.
I am planning to add remarks to each field’s and property’s summary when we does not support the field for all formats. The issue ‘Add remarks to properties’ summary when the property does not supported for all formats.’ with ID = 16602 was created and linked to this thread as well.

Thank you for your important criticism and sorry for inconvenience.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as 16599) have been fixed in this update.

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The issues you have found earlier (filed as 16602) have been fixed in this update.

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Hi Chris,

The issue “Read IsCritical flag from MPP.” with ID=16599 is resolved for MS Project 2007/2010 MPP files. But we the data reading from MS Project 2003 MPP files is still under development. We will try to resolve it in our February’s release. Let us know if you have additional problems or requirements here.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as ) have been fixed in this Aspose.Words for JasperReports 18.3 update.