Issue in Distribution list not opening in outlook

Hi :

We are using Aspose.Email version 5.3 dll to save data in pst format.
While saving distribution lists in Contacts folder, it is getting added in folder successfully but if we open that pst in outlook, and double click on that dist list item, it shows pop up that says,

Please give us solution on this.


Hi Pooja,

Thank you for writing to Aspose support team.

I have tried to re-produce the scenario by creating a distribution list using Outlook 2013 and saved it on disc. Following sample code is used to add this distribution list to the Contacts folder of PST. However I am afraid, that I could not find this distribution list in the PST while opening it in Outlook. Could you please provide following information to analyze the issue and provide assistance accordingly?

  1. Provide us code which is used for creation of this PST.
  2. Provide the sample distribution list which is added to above mentioned PST.
  3. Provide the output PST file.
  4. Image showing this newly added distribution list in PST (while opening it in Outlook).
using (PersonalStorage outputPst = PersonalStorage.Create(“Output.pst”, FileFormatVersion.Unicode))
    MapiMessage mapi = MapiMessage.FromFile("How-to geek Ninja's.msg");
    FolderInfo OutPstContacts = outputPst.CreatePredefinedFolder("Contacts", StandardIpmFolder.Contacts);