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Issue Printing PDF using PDFViewer Class


some printing issue with pdf documents. They are quequed in state "spooling" and after seconds state changes itself in "deleting - spooling" and disappears from queqe. No document printed.

VB.NET 2008 - OS W2003Server 64bit

Application is 32 bit.

I attach zip file with example of 1 pdf working and 4 not working.



Hi Luca,

Thank you very much for considering Aspose.

I’m sorry to inform you that we’re still looking into the problem at our end and you’ll be updated with the results shortly.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Luca,

We have investigated this issue at our end and couldn’t reproduce it. Are you using any additional PrinterSettings or PageSettings? Can you please share the complete code snippet you’re using at your end to print the PDF files?

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.


this is the code we use to print pdf in Visual Studio 2008 Ne Framework 2.0

Public Sub PRintPDF(ByVal sFile As String, ByVal sPrinterName As String)

Dim oViewer As Aspose.Pdf.Kit.PdfViewer = New Aspose.Pdf.Kit.PdfViewer

Dim license As Aspose.Pdf.Kit.License = New Aspose.Pdf.Kit.License

license.SetLicense("\\xensrvgamma\Teamsystem Software\Licenze\Aspose.Pdf.Kit.lic")


oViewer.PrintPageDialog = False

oViewer.AutoResize = True

oViewer.AutoRotate = True

Dim ps As System.Drawing.Printing.PrinterSettings = New System.Drawing.Printing.PrinterSettings()

Dim prtdoc As PrintDocument = New PrintDocument()

ps.PrinterName = sPrinterName

ps.FromPage = 1

ps.ToPage = 1

ps.PrintFileName = sFile

Dim pgs As PageSettings = New PageSettings()

pgs.PaperSize = New System.Drawing.Printing.PaperSize("A4", 827, 1169)

pgs.Margins = New Margins(0, 0, 0, 0)

oViewer.PrintDocumentWithSettings(pgs, ps)


ps = Nothing

pgs = Nothing

prtdoc = Nothing

oViewer = Nothing

End Sub

Hi Luca,

Thank you very much for sharing the code. We’ll test the issue at our end and update you accordingly.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Luca,

I have logged this issue as PDFKITNET-13851 in our issue tracking system. We need to investigate this issue in detail at our end to resolve it. You’ll be updated via this forum thread once the issue is resolved.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.