Issue setting up the license


I am having an issue defining the license for excel.
when I code your example

Dim license As License = New... Intellisence shows me LicenseConent and other definitions but not license.

Please see attached word document with screen print.

thanks in advance.



Dear Dan,

Please check

If the problem persists, feel free to let us know.


thanks for the very quick response.
I have the license coded now on the application but it still cannot find the license. I have read your articles and have put the license file on the directory on the application and it cannot find the file. I attempleted to give it a full path name and still it cannot be found. I am pretty sure it is spelled correctly??

I have attached a word document with screen prints.

thank you in advance.



Hi Dan,

1. Please check your license file name. Is your file name exactly same as “Aspose.Excel.License”? Generally the downloaded license file name is “Aspose.Excel.lic”.

2. If still not working, could you please post your license file here?