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I have a number of tickets with associated tracking issues (such as “CELLSNET-43469” for example), but there is no way to lookup the status of these issues.

I know that these are BUG ID of an internal Aspose tool, but it would be great to have a minimalistic public frontend with at least the status (ie. “pending”, “fixed”, “opened”, “wontfix”, etc.)

This is a very important issue, because among the 7 issues we opened, we have absolutely no idea on whether or not they are (going to be) fixed, or if they have been marked as lacking information, or any other reason (some of these issues have been opened for 18 months, for example)

Once again, a very simple frontend, such as a static page (list of ID and status) would be sufficient



Hi Xavier,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

You can view a list of your posts and on each thread view the status of each tracking ID. If you need any further information about an issue you can post in the forum thread and the support developers will answer your query as soon as possible.

If you have any other questions please do let me know.




Hi Adam,

Is the advice you provided still relevant? I tried viewing all of my posts and hovering the mouse over the issue ID, but doing so doesn’t show the status of the tracking link.

Is there another way to determine the status of issues?

Thanks and regards,




Thanks for asking. Our forum system has gone under some changes so that might not be possible anymore. Instead please ask for an update of your issues on each of your topics and the support team will assist you with that.