Issue using Microsoft JScript with Excel


In Microsoft JScript on the server, none of the contstants work. Is there any reference for the constants used in the Open command?

I have found several issues with the following code.

var excel2003=6; ///Where should I get this number?

var aspose=new ActiveXObject("Aspose.Excel.Excel");
var awrksht=aspose.Worksheets.item(0);
var cells=awrksht.cells;
var Cell1=cells.item(0);//This is the only call that works.
var Cell1=cells[0]; //This returns null
var Cell1=cells[0,0]; //This returns null
var Cell1=cells.GetAt("A1"); //This returns MethodNotFound
var Cell1=cells.item("A1"); //The throws ObjectDoesNotSupportAutomation
Cell1.PutValue("new val");////The throws ObjectDoesNotSupportAutomation
Cell1.PutValue("new val",0);////The throws invalide number of parameters

I am not very familiar with JScript. For your issue, I have the following ideas:
1. Jscript doesn't support enumeration. So you have to input integer instead. You can check the API reference at . It's sorted alphabetically and zero based.
2. JScript doesn't supported overloaded methods. So you have to call:
var Cell1=cells.item(0);//This is the only call that works.
var Cell1=cells.item_3("A1");
var Cell1=cells.item_2(0,0);
It's sorted alphabetically and one based.