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Issue with Aspose stripping out manual remediation from PDF's

We are experiencing an issue with Aspose stripping out manual remediation from PDF’s when a new pdf file is created from one or more PDF file that have been remediated for ADA compliance.

similar thing… have you got an answer to the question? please update. thanks


Would you kindly share your sample source PDF(s) along with code snippet that you are using. Also, please share some screenshots of compliance errors that you are observing at your end. We will test the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly.

Thanks for responding. The code is the next:
PdfFileEditor editor = new PdfFileEditor();

//Create a temp path for the copying the remediated pdf file
string tempFilePath = Path.Combine(tempFolder, agendaFilePdfPath);
//Copy the remediated pdf file from azure.
await _azureFileStorage.SaveFileFromBlobPath(agendaFilePdfPath, tempFilePath);

//Add the remediated pdf file location to the list of files to concatenate.

//Add other files to the list of files to concatenate.
pdfFilesToConcatenateList.AddRange(pdfFilesToConcatenate.Where(x => File.Exists(x)));

//Create a path for the new files, result of the concatenation of all the files.
string packetFilePath = Path.Combine(tempFolder, agendaFilePdfPath);

//Concatenate the files to the new path.
editor.Concatenate(pdfFilesToConcatenateList.ToArray(), packetFilePath);
//I validated that in the resultant file from the previous line, ADA remediation tags where removed.
ConcatenatedFile(Result).pdf (342.2 KB)
RemediatedFile(Source).pdf (217.4 KB)

As you can see the RemediatedFile(Source).pdf has tags, but for the ConcatenatedFile(Result).pdf were removed. I tested both with the tool of Acrobat Reader that reads out loud, and the first allow to read each section that was tagged, but the resultant file consider the whole document as a single section.


Would you please try following code snippet along with Aspose.PDF for .NET 20.7. As we tested the scenario in our environment and were unable to notice missing tags in output:

Document pdfDocument1 = new Document(dataDir + "RemediatedFile(Source).pdf");
Document pdfDocument2 = new Document(dataDir + "sample.pdf");
pdfDocument1.Save(dataDir + "ConcatenatedFile_out.pdf");

ConcatenatedFile_out.pdf (219.7 KB)

Hello, the code snippet seemed to be woking. I mean, it works when I concatenate a remediated file with other files. In that case the resultant file is fine. It keeps the ADA tags. It solves the inial problem where all ADA tags were removed from the resultant file. The problem that I just identified is when I concatenate two remediated files. In that case, the resultant file keeps the ADA tags only from the content of the first file, and it removes the ADA tags from the second and subsecuent files. I attach 3 files, the files that are concatenated and the resultant file. Please your help.RemediatedFile(Source).pdf (217.4 KB)
ResultantFile.pdf (487.6 KB)
SecondRemediatedFile.pdf (224.8 KB)


We were able to reproduce the issue in our environment while using Aspose.PDF for .NET 20.8. Hence, an issue as PDFNET-48712 has been logged in our issue tracking system. We will further look into its details and keep you posted with the status of its correction. Please be patient and spare us some time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

I started trying to concatenate with the concatenate method that receives stream parameters. It works better, almost all the tags remain in the resultant file, but 5 of them are stripped out. I based my code in this documentation:
I have attached the files.
Capture.JPG (135.6 KB)
RemediatedFile(Source).pdf (217.4 KB)
ResultantFileFromStreams.pdf (537.5 KB)
SecondRemediatedFile.pdf (224.8 KB)
I think this is the right method. As I told you it almost works. You can see in the capture the tags that are removed from the resultant file, and you can validate it in the resulting file I attached.


We have also updated the ticket information accordingly and will surely investigate it from this perspective as well. We will inform you as soon as the ticket is resolved. Please give us some time.

Hello, don’t you have any results about this yet? I am stuck in a development that depends on this :cry:


We are afraid that the earlier logged ticket is not yet resolved. As it was logged under the free support model, it will be investigated and resolved on first come first serve basis. We will certainly inform you as soon as we make some progress towards its resolution. Please be patient and spare us some time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.