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Issue with Checkbox's and Linked Cells


Whenever Aspose.Cells saves my worksheet, all “Cell Links” for checkboxes seem to be getting removed. They’re stll there for dropdowns and such. It looks as if the workbook isn’t even seeing the cell links when it loads the work book.

Get Workbook Data (byte[])
Save to output stream
Checkbox Cell Links Available.

Get Workbook Data (byte[])
MemoryStream m = new MemoryStream(data)
Checkbox Cell Links Missing.


Well, If you have checkboxes in your template file with some linked cells set (checked / unchecked), Aspose.Cells for .Net will load the template file with the preserved state and you may get the checked / unchecked state (true/false), linked cell info at runtime and Aspose.Cells will save the file with checkboxes states and linked cell attributes, which you have set them at design time in MS Excel and the linked cells won't be missing. There is restriction you cannot modify the state at runtime and save the state (of checkboxes) in the output file. Which version of Aspose.Cells you are using? kindly try the latest version of Aspose.Cells (4.4.1)

And we will enhance CheckBox control to dynamically change its state accordingly.

Thank you.

I am using the latest version. I tried that first.

I am not manipulating the checkboxes, the values, or the links at all.

The template file correctly has the checkboxes and links in place, but when the workbook opens then saves the file the links are removed.


Do you mean that you have a template file having some checkboxes in it, you open the file using Workbook.Open() method and then save the file using Workbook.Save() method. Now when you open the file in MS Excel the links are removed. Is it so. No, I don't find the problem.

Could you post your template file with sample code to reproduce it. We will check it soon.

Thank you.

Here’s a sample.
When you open the example worksheet. Check the link for the checkbox in cell F:20

When saved, the link is missing.


Thanks for the template file with source files.

We will figure it out soon.

Thanks for being patient!

Any luck with this?

My boss is breathing down my neck about the problems this is causing us in production.

We have found this problem and will fix it soon. Hopefully you will get a fix at the start of next week.

I figure out the cause of problem. Please try this attached fix.

So far so good, I’ll let you know if I run into any issues.

Thanks again!

Ok, it’s not working as well as I thought. The checkboxes are now mapped, but to the incorrect cells.


Please try this fix.