Issue with Temorary Licence

Hi Team,

Hi team,

We have added the temporary license file in



Aspose cell java version using : 20.12
and repo url : Aspose Repository Browser /java/repo/

Inside code loading licence file with below code.

License license = new License();

After prcessing a file in the end it is adding one extra sheet with water mark.
And after processing 50 to 60 files getting error like below.

You are using an evaluation copy and have opened files exceeding limitations .

So, with temporary license is this expected. Or we are loading license file wrong. If so correct us.

Can we use temporary license for one month with full functionality. Or our understanding is wrong?


Please make sure your licensing code should be processed at first and at the start of your application. See the document on Licensing for your reference.

By the way, did you get the temporary license recently then why you are using with older version? Or your temporary license is older temporary license and you are now still trying to use it with older version of Aspose.Cells for Java API?

Please note, temporary license is one time process to the test the API and will be expired after 30 days (whether you have used it or not) automatically.

We recommend you to request a new temporary license again and use it with latest version of the API.

We got license recently.

image.png (7.7 KB)

Is 22.4 is the latest version. Or which version have to use.


Aspose.Cells for Java v22.12 is the latest version, so you should use it: