Issue with the word document if there are calculated fields on the template

wordtemp.7z (69.1 KB)

Dear Support,

I am new to using Aspose and having a problem with the display of information on word document if I have a calculated field in my template. In my calculated field, I have a lot of IF’s which only display value if a certain merge field is populated. However, the output puts spaces between each record. I have attached my template, data source, and header source for you information. I also have attached the resulting documents; one is when I do a manual merge (tlout-ok.docx), and the other one is when I use Aspose.Words to do the merge (tlout-not-ok.docx).

Could you please tell me what should I do to resolve this issue?

Thank you very much.

Could you please ZIP and attach sample code you used to get an output document? We will investigate the issue and provide you information on it.

@cmendoza It looks like this is the same question as you have asked in your another thread. Please let us know if the problem still persist. We will check it once again and provide you more information.

Hi Alexey,
Yes, sorry, this is the same issue I have asked on another thread. You may close this issue and I will provide information on another thread.
Thank you very much.