Issues with Chinese Font Corruption and Missing Fonts in Aspose for Java


We are a company intending to use Aspose for Java for our business. We have procured a temporary license to test if it can satisfy our development requirements. However, we encountered some problems during its use:

  1. Issues with Font Installation:
Trying to install font family Microsoft YaHei Light at C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\msyhl.ttc to private collection
Font family Microsoft YaHei Light with style Regular is not available: please, try to reinstall this font
Trying to install font family SimSun at C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\simsun.ttc to private collection
Font family SimSun with style Regular is not available: please, try to reinstall this font
Trying to install font family NSimSun at C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\simsun.ttc to private collection
Font family NSimSun with style Regular is not available: please, try to reinstall this font


Could you clarify why these fonts are not being installed? What could be the cause of this issue and how can we fix it?

  1. Issues with Missing Chinese Fonts and Corruption:

After executing certain operations using Aspose for Java, we found missing fonts and Chinese characters appearing as gibberish. Here are the operations we performed:

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PsdLoadOptions loadOptions = new PsdLoadOptions();
PsdImage image = (PsdImage) Image.load(psdtemplateFile.getPath() ,loadOptions);
for (Layer layer : image.getLayers()) {
    TextLayer textLayer = (TextLayer) layer;
    textLayer.updateText("标题标题标题标题标题标题", font.getSize());
// The textLayer here is indeed a TextLayer
String outputPsd = "C:/Users/wofbi/Downloads/outputpsd.psd";;
String outputPng = "C:/Users/wofbi/Downloads/outputpng.png";,new PngOptions());

image.jpg (115.8 KB)

The output PNG image showed serious font issues: On the one hand, the font was changed; on the other hand, certain fonts turned into squares.
image.jpg (159.2 KB)

The output PSD file also has problems with the fonts. However, these issues disappear when we enter the editing mode.
image.jpg (130.0 KB)
It should be “大标题大标题大标题大标题”, not “大口口大口口大口口大口口”.

Attached are the original PSD file (input.psd) and the processed PSD and PNG files in the output directory. (9.4 MB) (9.6 MB) (2.8 MB)

By the way, these issues do not occur with English text.
Opening this file in Photoshop gives the following prompt.
image.png (81.1 KB)
image.png (99.3 KB)

Could you please guide us on how to resolve these issues? If they cannot be resolved currently, is there any plan to fix them? Could you please provide the timeline for the specific fix?

Looking forward to your assistance on these matters.


  1. According to the first question please we created task PSDJAVA-456: Font cache works incorrect or writes to the console error purposelessly.

This error messages shouldn’t affect correct processing, but before the release 23.6 we will check this additionally.

  1. This issue is already fixed in the Aspose.PSD for .Net version of library, so it will be soon fixed in Aspose.PSD for Java (not later version 23.8).

We have opened the following new ticket(s) in our internal issue tracking system and will deliver their fixes according to the terms mentioned in Free Support Policies.

Issue ID(s): PSDJAVA-457,PSDJAVA-456

You can obtain Paid Support Services if you need support on a priority basis, along with the direct access to our Paid Support management team.

Thank you very much for your response. We will temporarily circumvent this issue and look forward to your correction.