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Item has already been Added - Unique from the other posts


I’m also getting an Item has already been added error.

My program i’ve created changes text inside word documents to certain user-inputted fields.

I am using Aspose, which works fine for all of the forms except for one (attached).

The past posts hvae all been given the response that in order to fix the problem, update to the latest version of aspose.

When i update to, ALL of our templates have the same error!

So will you please take a look at this word document and tell me where the “Item” that’s already been added is? Thanks

Sean Mahoney

It's imperative that i get this out tonight. So if this is the only document that's giving me trouble i have no problem using the old aspose, and just fixing this document to work with it.

although if you know why the newer versions aren't working for me, please let me know and i will fix it for our next release (in a few months)

Thanks so much for the help,

-Sean Mahoney


Thank you for considering Aspose.

Please also post a fragment of code you use to process the document. Currently this issue does not occur for me.