Iterative solution for circular references

Excel can solve many circular references using an iterative solution (100 cycles, converging value) and the same can do SpreadSheetGear.

Laurence some times ago told me that in 2 weeks also Aspose.Cells would have had this feature.

Now I need to deliver a project in the next days and I need to know if Aspose.Cells can solve this issue or if I have to purchase SpreadSheetGear.

If I can go with your component, I'd need a temporary licence (without demo banners) for both Aspose.Cells and Aspose.Pdf.

Thank you,

Matteo Frana
F2 .net engineering s.r.l.

Hi Matteo Frana,

We will get back to you for your query related circular ref.

And for tempory licensing, please check:

Thank you.

I haven't received any answer yet and I need to code my solution today.
Please let me know as soon as possible if you have solved the issue with circular reference.


Please try this fix.

We have supported circular reference with Workbook.MaxIteration property.We are still looking into this issue. If we have any update, we will post a fix here soon.

It doesn't work, but now I have the budget to buy both SpreadSheetGear and Aspose.Cells+Aspose.Pdf (which I will do within a week).

I find SpreadSheetGear much faster with Excel calculation, while Aspose has the Print to PDF advantage.