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J2ME support?

I would like to know if Aspose.Words would run on a J2ME platform, which has only 32 Mbytes memory and consist of a subset of J2SE 1.4.
In details the platform consists of:
• Connected Device Configuration 1.1
• Foundation Profile 1.1
• Personal Profile 1.1
• RMI Optional Package 1.0
And include the following packages :
• java.applet • java.rmi.activation
• java.awt • java.rmi.dgc
• java.awt.color • java.rmi.registry
• java.awt.datatransfer • java.rmi.server
• java.awt.event • java.security
• java.awt.font • java.security.acl
• java.awt.im • java.security.cert
• java.awt.image • java.security.interfaces
• java.beans • java.security.spec
• java.io • java.text
• java.lang • java.util
• java.lang.ref • java.util.jar
• java.lang.reflect • java.util.zip
• java.math • javax.microedition.io
• java.net • javax.microedition.xlet
• java.rmi • javax.microedition.xlet.ixc
Thank you very much for your help,

Hi, Ben,
It is very interesting question. We never target Aspose.Words on Micro Edition yet, but…
Aspose.Words is small: jar for jdk1.5 is 1.06M, jar for jdk1.4 is 1.129M.
Aspose.Words is developed with high performance and small memory footprint in mind.
Aspose.Words bytecode heavily shrinked, obfuscated and optimized – so you can use Aspose.Words jar in mobile environment as is, without additional optimization.
Since v.2.4.1 (will be published today) all external libraries obfuscated into Aspose.Words jar – so you don’t need in additional libraries.
All this optimizations targeted server environment but can be useful in mobile environment as well. I think several problems can arise in mobile environment:
Aspose.Words heavily uses core java SE api – some core SE packages can absent in your environment.
Aspose.Words assumes that host computer (probably server) has mach more memory than 32M. It doesn’t use any disk-swapping or other techniques to limit memory using to the some special value. So, a long document, especially with pictures, especially with some picture formats that internally converted (by-default) to another format – can cause insufficient memory errors.
Afraid I don’t strong in J2ME and particularly in modern Sun CDC toolkit which you using – it’s seems that Sun tied it solely to NetBeans and my IntelliJ IDEA don’t recognize it as a J2ME SDK. Please, wait a little and try new Aspose.Words 2.4.1 jar in your environment, - you need only two lines for very first test (plus import statement for com.aspose.words.Document):
Document doc = new Document();
Please, inform me about results, it’s very interesting:)
Best Regards,

Hi, Ben,
We released self-contained jar that don’t need in external libraries (I speak about it in previous mail). You can get it from https://releases.aspose.com/words/net .