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我使用aspose中slides、words、cells最新的21.6-jar导入项目后,项目无法启动。我使用的是Tomcat 8.0,jdk1.8。请问有适合我这种环境的jar吗?

After I imported the project using the latest 21.6-jar in aspose, the project could not be started. I’m using Tomcat 8.0, jdk1.8. Is there a jar suitable for my environment?


You may please provide more details about this issue. Which earlier version was working fine with this application? Also if possible, create some sample runnable console application that can be used to reproduce the issue. It will help us to observe the issue and share our feedback accordingly. You may also try to debug your application and find the exact code that is causing issues with the new versions.

之前我使用的是aspose试用版jar,项目可以启动没问题。我导入aspose.words-21.6.jar后,启动项目时Tomcat报异常,然后一直无法启动。使用cells和sildes的21.6.jar也是一样。微信图片_20210707093704.jpg (45.7 KB)
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Previously I was using the aspose trial jar, the project can start no problem. After I imported the aspose.words-21.6 .jar, Tomcat reported an exception when I started the project and then never started. The same is true of the 21.6 .jar using cells and sildes. WeChat Pictures s20210707093704.jpg (45.7 KB)
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这在 Aspose.Words for Java 中似乎不是问题。 Tomcat 使用 Apache Commons BCEL(字节码工程库)来扫描注释。 旧的 Commons BCEL 版本不知道如何读取 module-info.class 文件。

请检查 Tomcat 的更改历史记录和修复 60688

Commons BCEL 已更新以在 Tomcat 8.0.42 及更高版本、8.5.12 及更高版本以及 9.0.0 及更高版本上支持此功能。

您可以尝试将 Tomcat 更新到 8.0.42 或更高版本来解决此问题。 我们还建议您检查以下链接。

This does not seem to be a problem in Aspose.Word for Java. Tomcat uses Apache Commons BCEL (Bytecode Engineering Library) to scan comments. The old Commons BCEL version did not know how to read the module-info .class file.

Check Tomcat’s change history and fix 60688

Tomcat’s history of change
Fix 60688
Commons BCEL has been updated to support this feature on Tomcat 8.0.42 and later, 8.5.12 and later, and 9.0.0 and later.

You can try updating Tomcat to 8.0.42 or later to resolve this issue. We also recommend that you check the links below.

您好,我们实际部署的中间件是weblogic12c (,jdk-1.8.0_151 linux redHat 4.8.5-36

在项目中添加了 aspose-words-21.6.0.jar 、 aspose-slides-21.5.jar 、aspose-cells-21.5.jar
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Hello, the middleware we actually deployed was weblogic12c (, jdk-1.8.0-151 linux redHat 4.8.5-36

Added aspose-words-21.6.0.jar, aspose-slides-21.5.jar, aspose-cells-21.5 .jar
The following errors were reported during deployment:
tu.jpg (231.0 KB)
Please help with the analysis






此外,如果可能,删除所有 Aspose 产品,然后逐个添加,并尝试识别正在创建此问题的产品。我们将分析您的反馈并分享我们的回应。

Here you mentioned that you were using Aspose trial jar. Were you using same versions i.e. aspose-words-21.6.0.jar, aspose-slides-21.5.jar, aspose-cells-21.5.jar?

If no please share which version were you using when the application was working fine.

If the same versions were used, then you just added the license to avoid the trial version warnings during the processing. Is it right? Please share your response.

We want you to revert the application to the previous stage where it was working fine and then share the complete steps which are performed to update your application and get this error. All the version details and license implementation details are required.

Also if possible, remove all the Aspose products and then add one by one and try to identify the product that is creating this issue. We will analyze your feedback and share our responses.