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Java Aspose.Excel - displaying workbook

What is the equivalent of the Excel object in the Java version of Aspose.Excel? It looks to me like the .NET version has an Excel object that is used to actually display the workbook. So how can I actually display a workbook with the Java version? Thanks.

Please check .

Quick note to Luarence, would you please add a link to in the Java download package. So all new customers can follow it to use Aspose.Excel for Java. The same applies for Aspose.Excel for .Net.

We will release Aspose.Excel for Java v1.1 in one or two weeks. In this new version, this link will be included in the ReadMe file.

Hmm…yeah. But, that page still doesn’t actually show an example of just simply displaying a workbook programatically, does it?

I’m talking about, where’s the Workbook.setVisible() method.

Some more simple examples would be really helpful to those of us evaluating the product.

Aspose.Excel for Java is a non-UI spreadsheet creation engine. It just creates Excel files as your wish. To display the generated file, you have to view it with MS Excel or Excel viewer.

The following is sample code to display file in client browser(MS Excel should be installed in client machine):

OutputStream out = response.getOutputStream();

response.addHeader(“content-disposition”, “inline; filename=” + resultXLSName);