Java Component Installation


Can someone point me to a resource on this site that covers the installation & configuration of the Java Aspose.Powerpoint component?

I have the .jar file (as well as the jars relating to image manipulation that I downloaded fomr Sun’s site) but where do I put these files in a windows environment to get them to work?

I am using IIS and PHP on Windows 2000 Server. The three jar files I mentioned are in a folder that is included in my PATH.

As it stands now, when I try (within a web page) to create a Presentation object, I get a CGI error:

“The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers. The headers it did return are:”

And that’s it…

A little research reveals that the code stopped executing at the line that created the error- in this case just a single line that attempts to create a new Presentation object.

Any ideas what I may be doing incorrectly?


Dear Matthew,

At first, please check php manual:
Especially installation and how to set java.* variables in php.ini

Also you should add aspose.powerpoint.jar with path to java.class.path


Thanks… I’ve checked and double-checked all my config settings and file locations.

I’m in over my head with all this Java stuff- I’m going to go back to the .NET route and try to get PHP and DOTNET happening with Aspose.

Thanks again,