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Java - Converting a Word document to PDF (and some other minor issues)


I am currently evaluating this product for the creation of Insurance certificates (for a rewrite of an existing VB application to J2EE).

Our current templates are maintained as Word Templates with form fields. I have been able to use this product to populate the template and save as a word document however, I need to be able to convert the populated template to write protected PDF format.

I have found code samples to do this in C# however, the SaveFormat enum in the java version only has one value (SaveFormat.FORMAT_DOCUMENT). It does not have the SaveFormat.FormatAsposePdf enum which the C# version has. Has this capability not been developed yet for the java version? If not, do you have any idea when the java version will have this?

Also, when I populated the template, and save as a word document, the images which are in the original template are not in the resultant word document. If we end up using the product, we not only need the images to be present, but we also need to be able to insert generated PDF417 barcode images signature images.

Thank you in advance for you help.



Dear Simon,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Aspose.Words for Java version does not support Word-to-PDF conversion yet. This feature is going to be added by the end of this year or early next year.

The image support is also not implemented in the Java version yet. It will probaly be added by the end of October this year.

Our Java version is actually a port of Aspose.Words .NET version. That's why it is slightly behind our .NET version's capabilities.

If you have other questions please let me know, I will assist you with whatever I can.

Best regards,