[Java] - getThumbail Renders bad images in Linux

I have attached a sample PPT file as well as 4 images. The images are labeled as to whether they were created in Linux or Windows. You can see the results in the linux images are not exact matches to what is in the PPT file. The windows images seem fine. Some of the graphics are just off and run into each other.

We are using the latest version of Aspose.Slides and Aspose.Metafiles. Java 1.5.0_11. Windows XP and CentOS.



Do you have Arial and Arial Narrow TrueType fonts installed on the CentOS?
It looks like fonts not installed or differ from fonts used on Windows.

I will check on that. Do you think that would also cause the issue with the graphic appearing on top of text? Maybe an issue with the wrong font being used so all the alignments are off?



All text positioning recalculated on the fly. So if Java substituted
some fonts then text on slide will be rendered in a wrong way.

We’ve installed the entire TTF pack on our dev server for X11. We are still getting the same results.

We will test it on Linux but I’m afraid it can take some time.

Anyway, I’m sure there is just font substitution. It can happen in 2 places.
1. X11 can do it but you already installed fonts.
2. Java can replace fonts by itself. Check fontconfig files in jre. You can even install fonts directly to jre instead of X11.

Also you can try to run Font2DTest demo from jdk and check if all fonts are visible in the list.