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Java Graph multiple email box support

Does the IGraphClient interface for java support multiple mailbox operations? I see that the EWSClient interface exposes getMailboxes(), etc… I don’t see this in IGraphClient interface. Or is there a way to pass the mailbox in the API calls themselves. In other words graphClient.listMessages(“mailbox” + “mailfolder”)?


This is relatively new support included in API and we will keep on adding examples in documentation based on this. I have linked this thread with issue EMAILJAVA-34750 so that we may apprise you as soon as the updates will be shared.

Thank you for the reply. Does this mean the library currently only supports one mailbox per azure client-id? I just want to make sure I understand what is currently supported so I can work within that context.


We can use Resource to support multiple mailbox:

// back to the current mailbox
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