[JAVA] Issues with Powerpoint 2003 presentation (not fixed with hotfix)



I’ve got a nullPointerException when I call the saveToSVG() method below (ONLY with PowerPoint 2003 files, Open office 2.0 files wok perfectly).


Here’s the code I use

if (currentSlides.size() != 0)
for (int i = 1 ; i <= currentSlides.size() ; i++)
com.aspose.powerpoint.Slide tempSlide = currentPresentation.getSlideByPosition(i);
File svgSlide = new File(Config.BASE_PATH + Config.SEPARATOR + tempId + Config.SEPARATOR + Config.SLIDE_FOLDER_NAME + Config.SEPARATOR + “slide” + i + “.svg”);
tempSlide.saveToSVG(new FileOutputStream(svgSlide));


Here’s the log :
at com.aspose.powerpoint.B.do(SourceFile:428)
at com.aspose.powerpoint.Ellipse.do(SourceFile:96)
at com.aspose.powerpoint.GroupShape.do(SourceFile:237)
at com.aspose.powerpoint.Slide.do(SourceFile:1539)
at com.aspose.powerpoint.Slide.saveToSVG(SourceFile:1475)
at com.aspose.powerpoint.Slide.saveToSVG(SourceFile:1458)


We fixed it. New version will be available in a few hours.


I still have the same problem with the same ppt file (and several others).


Yes, there was another problem.
We couldn’t fix it yesterday without gradient filling implementation.
Please check 1.4.10 hot fix.