Java OutOfMemoryError


I’m a new user of Aspose.Slides for Java. I was about to purchase a licence, when I came across a big problem.

I’ve created a kind of PowerPoint presentation library. It loads all presentations from a specified directory as Aspose Presentations. The directory I am using for testing has a number of presentations, up to 4 MB each. All of the presentations take about 14 MB on disk.

With the standard VM heap size limit set (64 MB), I got OutOfMemoryErrors while loading theese presentations (I am using “new com.aspose.slides.Presentation(fileInputStream)” for that).

Because of that, I’ve set Java VM heap size limit to 256 MB, and it helped for the moment, but when I added more presentations to the directory (about 40 MB total), I got the OutOfMemoryError again.

Any ideas how to solve this problem? Why does Aspose library need so much heap memory?

Best wishes
Pawel Kostecki


Dear Pawel,

Do you have any ideas how to load presentations into memory without using heap? :slight_smile:
That is joke of course. We already tried to optimize it but you see it’s not enough yet.
The most memory eating part is work with images and thumbnails.
So now the only one solution is increase heap size limit.