[JAVA]Problem on Unix



I try to run a webapp on unix. but i doesn’t run at all servers.

i got the following error message:

at com.aspose.slides.TextFrame.else(SourceFile:690)
at com.aspose.slides.Shape.new(SourceFile:835)
at com.aspose.slides.Rectangle.new(SourceFile:384)
at com.aspose.slides.Shape.byte(SourceFile:971)
at com.aspose.slides.Presentation.if(SourceFile:2912)
at com.aspose.slides.Presentation.write(SourceFile:550)

i figuered out, that it runs, if on the real server is a xwindow open. and xhost ist running. so i have be logged in on the server. but this is not possible for all servers.

any idea what to do?


Please check jvm version. The most possible is you have 1.3 on these servers.

Also please check this thread, may be it can help