Java support for Named Ranges


I am evaluating the Cells API for inclusion in our tool. We rely heavily on Named Ranges in our spreadsheets. I have searched through the Blogs and have found references to handling Named Ranges with the .Net version of the API but nothing on the Java API.

I have also downloaded the evaluation and looked through the JavaDocs and also have come up empty.

Does the Java API (com.aspose.excel) package provide support for reading and writing Named Ranges?


Tom Murphy


You can use Workbook.insertName method.

Please check for how to insert names.



Thank you for the swift reply.

I am sorry I did not provide enough detail in my last post. I had seen the method for inserting named ranges into an existing workbook. What we need to be able to do is locate a named range within a spreadsheet and extract the value(s) contained in the cell. Perhaps something like:

Cell[] cells = workbook.getName("TEST");


int numberOfNames = workbook.getNameNumber();

for(int i = 0; i < numberOfNames; i++) {

Cell cell = workbook.getNameByIndex(i);


We also need to be able to updated the cell(s) values referenced by a named range.

Cell[] cells = workbook.getName("TEST");

// updated values in cells

workbook.setNameValues("TEST", cells);

Hopefully this level of detail makes things a little clearer than my previous post.

Thanks again,

Tom Murphy


Dear Tom,

Now we understand your need clearly.

However we cannot provide this feature in a short time because now we are busy on charting features. I estimate that we can work on this named range feature at the start of next month. It will take about 2 weeks to implement this feature. So you can get this feature before the mid of March. Could it serve your need?



Thank you for your quick response. It does indeed look like we are on the same page now.

Your timeframe sounds fine. As I indicated, we are only evaluating your product at this point. We currently use a combination of open source and costed solutions in our product now. I ran across your product in a search for PowerPoint delivery solutions (which we are probably going to end up purchasing) and thought I would look into your spreadsheet solution as well.

We are very performance sensitive and I would need to run performance testing between your product with the above mentioned changes against our current configuration before recommending a change but will stay tuned in for the release with these changes so I can run these comparisons.

Thanks again,

Tom Murphy


Accessing the named range by specifying a string value instead of the index in the names collection would be also valuable in our team's ASP.NET (vb) development.

I'll be monitoring your site for product updates. Thanks for considering this suggested enhancement.



We hava supported Named Range.Try thi fix.

Please check for creating and getting the named range.