Java updates?

I’ve noticed that the .net version of Aspose.Words seems to be getting an update a week or so, but the Java version looks to be stuck in Dec. 2006.

Could you give us some insight on your plans for the Java version?


A new Java version with HTML export is coming out in a day or two.


I sort of assume that some of the minor issues fixed as you rev the .net version would also exist in the java version. How are you handling that sort of issue?

We constantly keep porting all code and all changes from .NET to Java. Aspose.Words for Java that will be released will probably match Aspose.Words for .NET 4.2 in terms of fixes (excluding those big non-ported features yet such as HTML import, RTF and WordML).

Are we going to see the update today?


Hi David,
We’ve just released it:

Aspose.Words for Java 2.2 that supports HTML/XHTML import was released.