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Java verson of Aspose.Word


Are there any plans to bring out a Java version of Aspose.Word as there is with Aspose.Excel?


Absolutely. We are porting it and quite successfully. Aspose.Word for Java initial release might be available end of 2005.

Thanks for the quick response! Is there any information on what the feature set will be? Will it contain the same features as Aspose.Word for .Net?


The first version we will put out will probably have no HTML and PDF filters and will not support images and drawing objects. But it will be the same object model ported almost directly and the Java version will catch up and have all features available in the .NET version. For the future we plan that the Java version will be lagging only a few weeks in terms of features available in the .NET version.

Aspose.Words for Java was released. More info in