Java visual editor


Hi im considering building system based on APOSE Power Point and I just wonder if there is any visual editor written in the Swing or SWT for yours library ?


Dear Mironia,

Aspose.PowerPoint library (java) doesn’t have any visual parts so
I don’t really understand how you are planning to use any visual editors.


Thanks for reply.

So probably I would have to build my own graphics editor above the Aspose layer.


Please check at first.

You can see editors are on our way to explore. So I’m really interested in the requested visual editor. Could you let me know what and how you want to edit. Your input is very valuable for us to shape our product lines.


Now I try to explore what possibilities your library gives Smile

I’m thinking about simple editor based on tree view and additional preview in other panel.
I wish the user could change some presentation parts in tree which will be visible in preview.

Those are only base assumption, I don’t know if I could make (the first problem is that shapes are not indexed uniquely)


It’s great to know more about your needs.

For the time being, Alexey will provide some basic clues to to you, since it’s impossible for us to make the visual editor immediately. I will discuss seriously with Alexey to consider the feasibility to develop a brand new product Aspose.PowerPoint.Editor to address all potential viewing/editing needs.


Dear Mironia,

Really, shapes in a presentation have unique indexes but the main problem is
this condition is not strict. So it’s possible to find ppt files where several shapes have the same id.
And ids are private fields because of that but if you need it I can give read-only access.

Another thing. It’s not possible to preview slides in Java version yet.
We are writing converter to SVG for .Net and will port it to Java in the next month.