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Java VM frequently throwing OutOfMemoryError in Aspose stack


We use Aspose to render PPT documents that represent complex financial data snapshots of our institutional clients’ market positions. Specifically, we use the Aspose Java API.

Frequently, we experience the Java VM throwing an OutOfMemoryError. We can pacify this error by increasingly setting the -Xms and -Xmx heap allocation to ever larger values.

Question: Would the Apsose Java API be willing to use an off-heap JCACHE provider to alleviate this problem?



Thanks for the details.

Could you share a sample console application (A runnable Java program/class without compilation errors) for rendering sample PPT file(s) to reproduce the issue on our end, we will check it soon.

PS. Also, if you are using any input document, kindly attach it here (you may zip it prior attaching).


Thank you, Amjad for your response. Because of our Application’s dependence on DataSources that are strictly private, it would not be useful to send you our Application.class. We are able to consistently reproduce this OutOfMemoryError event, however we reproduce it asynchronously. We are extremely impressed with what Aspose delivers to us: A Java API for rendering and aggregating MS-PPT slides. But, the run-time demand that we place on the Aspose API to render these complex financial quantitative views may be excessive. Even when we boot the Java VM with multi-GB heap capacities, we still risk encountering OutOfMemoryError . These OOME events cause the JVM to halt, breaking our SLA with banking stakeholders.

An open question for Aspose: To alleviate the necessity for Aspose end-users (like us) to necessarily install hardware RAM > 16gb (and boot their Java VMs high GB heap capacities ), would Aspose consider providing support for storing Aspose objects in off-heap JCACHE storage? This, of course, means Aspose would need to integrate a JCACHE provider (that supports off-heap capability) into their solution. Some of the JCACHE providers that support off-heap storage of objects include Hazelcast and Oracle Coherence.

Again, to accommodate the extremely complex, quantitative views we render for our clients, would Aspose consider providing support for storing Aspose objects in off-heap JCACHE storage?



Thanks for providing your feedback.

We have observed your requirements and logged them under the ticket ID SLIDESJAVA-37583 in our issue tracking system for further investigation. We will definitely consider your concerns and investigate the feasibility of JCACHE implementation. As soon as we have some definite updates regarding required support availability, we will surely inform you. Please be patient and spare us little time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience


Outstanding, Asad. With Aspose taking custody of providing a JCACHE based solution, the notion of rendering and aggregating highly quantitative financial views will be much more robust and empowering. In fact, explicitly, it will empower Aspose use-cases to scale linearly (from the smallest of laptops to the largest of supercomputers), Again, great job … please do let us know how we can observe SLIDESJAVA-37583 (and its progress).


Asad, Amjad, Aspose SLIDES team. Could I be give read access credentials to track Aspose progress at ?



Thanks for your feedback.

The ticket has been logged in our internal issue tracking system, I am afraid you may not have access to it. However, we will keep you informed as soon as some definite updates are available regarding investigation of feature implementation. Please spare us little time.


Hi Asad and Amjad. I understand that we will not be getting read access to your SLIDESJAVA-37583 jira item. This is mildly disappointing, but we understand. Please give us a best timeline estimate of how you forsee SLIDESJAVA-37583 being resolved. If you cannot provide us a timeline, we will close our view of this issue and move on as UNRESOLVED. thank you both Asad and Amjad.

Ben D. Cotton III
The Bank of New York, Mellon & Co.
PWM Technology | 14E Desk N032
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New York, NY 10286
(646) 639-9909



Thanks for writing back.

Could you please share some sample Presentation File (.ppt/.pptx) with us. It would help us estimating data volumes, finding reasons of the issue and investigating feasible solutions to the issue. We will be able to share some additional updates after investigation is completed.


Indeed, Asad. We will be happy to provide. On Monday at 1.30pm (NYC time), BNYM will be working with to render and aggregate APM forensics re: Aspose heap requirements (excessive). Please stay tuned. Thank you for caring about the need for Aspose to use a JCACHE based solution. Impressed, -Ben



Thanks for your feedback.

Please take your time for gathering sample files and share with us as per your convenience.



we would like to invite both of you to a screen-sharing session (over webEx), where we will demonstrate to you our concern about the Aspose solution (which is superb! thank you) not working ‘ideally’ for our end-users (’s institutional investors). Please consider providing me your email addresses … and we will send you an MS-Outlook invite to discuss in vivid detail (i.e. via screen sharing). Thank you for any consideration to accept this invite offer, with appreciation and admiration, (1-212-922-4227)



We are afraid support is provided via forums only. Please take all the time you need to collect respective data. We will appreciate if you can share screenshots and SSCCE sample application so that we may proceed to reproduce it in our environment and address your concerns accordingly.



Thank you so much for engaging with us in support via this forum. Your formality and professionalism is exemplary. We very much appreciate the Aspose solution. It is only in the very gritty details do we experience ‘gaps’. I will work with management @BNYM re: potential next steps. If possible, please updafe us re: the noted JIRA at … regards,



The earlier logged ticket is still pending for investigation. As requested earlier, we need sample Presentation (.ppt/.pptx) file from your side in order to proceed with further investigation. We will definitely continue with checking feasibility of required feature once a sample file is received and share our feedback with you accordingly.


let me confirm that i can provide, and i will do so immediately. thanks!



Please take your time and share the data with us as per your convenience.


hi Farhan. Can u please provide me an email at which i can send you a sample PPTX? The PPTX I send works on a Java VM booted at -Xmx2g … but … it fails on Java VM booted at -Xmx500m. Thank you, Aspose team.



Please post us sample file(s) via a private message. To send a private message with an attachment (please zip it prior attaching), click on our name (e.g “Farhan.Raza” ) and find the “Message” button. Now attach the attachment(s) via Upload button and post us. We will investigate this issue at the end soon.

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