Javadoc as an explicit dependency?



and aspose.words (although this seems resolved in 19.11, thanks)

I see the javadoc jar as an explicit dependency. Can that be excluded so users can optionally add it to the pom as needed? The issue that I run into is the shaded jar that my build produces gets very large by including unnecessary html files and I am having to put workarounds in my pom to avoid this




Thanks for contacting us. If i understood correct you want to remove javadoc dependency from deployed Aspose.Email 19.10 pom. Can you please confirm this.


Yes, the javadoc should be an optional dependency end users should be able to opt in to include in their projects, rather than have to opt out. The request here is that aspose updates the poms on all java products to not include optional dependencies like the javadoc



I like to inform that we are already looking into this and there is possibility that we may do this changes with new 19.11 release. I request for your patience till than.