JAWS is not reading the table on Aspose .Net PDF

JAWS is not reading the table on Aspose PDF. And there is no solution available on their documentation or Forums for this issue.
The generated PDF is a tagged pdf which has passed all the ADA test cases in Acrobat tool, and has all the required tags but still JAWS is not recognizing the table on this document


We have opened an investigation ticket as PDFNET-50211 in our issue tracking system for this case. However, we need a sample PDF and sample code snippet (which was used to generate the PDF document) in order to carry out the investigation properly. Could you please provide it so that we can further proceed with the analysis accordingly.

We copied code as is from below

Download (1).pdf (132.7 KB)


We have updated the ticket information accordingly and will surely inform you as soon as it is resolved.