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JPEG image quality in PDFs rendered by Words


I’ve been looking for a way to increase the image quality in PDFs when a Word document is rendered as a PDF, but I haven’t found it. (I have a Word document with a JPEG that, when converted to PDF, the imaage looks “pixelated” and not as crisp the original.)

I see the “Aspose.Words.Rendering.PdfOptions” and “Aspose.Words.Rendering.ImageOptions”, but it doesn’t look like the ImageOptions are used with regard to creating a PDF, right?

If I’m just missing something, please let me know where to look.


Wait – nevermind. I was using Words, but now I see the JpegQuality setting under Words.Rendering.PdfOptions in the documentation.


Hi <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas:contacts" />Mike,

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Yes, you are right, this option is available starting from Aspose.Words7.0.0. I also, would like to advice you using default value of this option (95) or values between 80…95, because in case of using value greater than 95, you will not see any differences in quality, but size of the image will be increased 1.5-2 times.

Best regards.