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Just upgrade to 7.2.xx - Ned example to save MS Excel file to Sybase table -

My company just upgraded aspose.cell 2.5.4 to 7.2.xx and I received the following requirements:

Read content from a MS Excel file and save it to a Sybase table.

So here are my questions:

1. Can I get this done in 2.5.4 ? Or I need to use 7.2 ?
2. I have java code current using Aspose 2.5.4. api in my application. Can Aspose 2,54 co-exist with 7.2.xx?
3. Can you show me an example to implement my requirement in either 2.54 or 7.2.xx ?

Any help is greatly appreciated !


Well, Aspose.Cells is an MS Excel spreadsheet management library used to create, manipulate, convert or render MS Excel file formats. We follow MS Excel standards. I am not entirely certain about your requirements, but you may see some exporting options which Aspose.Cells for Java provides, see the document for your reference:
I think you may try to export your data to fill an array if you could take it to your Sybase table by using your own code. Also, for your information, Aspose.Cells does not provide any interface to work with it, it is just a library used to work with Excel file formats or other formats, e.g XLS, XLSX, CSV, Tab Delimited, ODS, HTML, PDF etc. By the way, you may also try to save the Excel file to a CSV, Tab Delimited or Text file, so may be you could import this data into your Sybase table by yourself.

Moreover, the functionality/features which you used to work with your older version e.g 2.5.4, are also included in new versions (auto-ported) of the product with much more enhancements and new features. Please see the document on how to migrate from your older version to new versions, there are many changes in the APIs set although the previous features do exist but via new/modified APIs set:

Thank you.


Really appreciate your prompt response. Actually I found a .net post with a similar requirement and you suggest to use Cells.ExportDataTable() to export the data from Excel file and use .NET code to save the data to SQL database.

I cant find the method ExportDataTable() under cells for JAVA package. Do I miss something or there is a similar way to do it in JAVA ? My requirement is exactly the same as the on in the post. except I need to save the data to Sybase database instead of MS SQL.

here is the link to that post

How can i export data to SQL Database tables



Well, there is no exportDataTable method in Aspose.Cells for Java, it may be due to the fact that there is no pure DataTable object in JAVA as in the case with .NET. Well, you have to export into the two dimensional array object using exportArray() method then use your own Java code to save / store it into your Sybase database table accordingly.

Thank you.