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Keep alive function informations

Hello team,

for Aspose transformation used in my application, a context containing fonts and words objects is loaded on the first call for a given time span. To avoid some slow calls, a timer is put in place to transform a fake document, to keep this context alive. The timer calls several transformations every hours using aspose words, pdf and cell dll.

Could you confirm me that this process is necessary in order to keep alive Aspose dll ? Why slides.dll is not called ?

Many thanks

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We are looking into the requirements. We will update you soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.


From the information which you have shared seem that you are using Aspose APIs in web application under IIS. IIS Server unloads the Aspose DLL when application is no longer used or remain idle. It is the default behavior. You can change the default settings by changing application pool settings in IIS Manager and checking Advanced Settings for an application pool.

For Aspose.Slides issue, please forward us more details. We will look into it and update you accordingly.


thank you for your answer. For Aspose.Slides I can’t forward more details expect that we don’t call it because I think that this DLL is used enough to not be unload from IIS server.

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We will not be able to figure out the problem with less or no information. It is therefore requested to please forward us a sample project for demonstration of the issue along with steps to reproduce it. We will evaluate it and update you about our findings.

CSCT is a WinService and not a web application. There is no IIS parameter.
We have dedicated a timer (_contextKeppAliveTimer = new Timer(ASPOSE_CONTEXT_RENEW_DELAY) in order to let the Apose Word dll loaded by lauchning internal transformation.
Is it possible to know why after 1h1/2 the word dll is unloaded ?
Is there another way to keep the Aspose word dll loaded ?

Many Thanks


We are looking into it and will soon update you with our findings.


I have observed your following comments related to Aspose.Slides.

Actually, by design Aspose.Slides does not need this trick with dedicated a timer. Secondly, Aspose.Slides loads the resources e.g. fonts on the first call of “new Presentation()”. Aspose does not unload them later, because there is no known reason to do so.

Thanks for the information regarding slide dll.
Could you please tell me why the word dll unload after 1h ?

Is there another way (different from KeepAlive context called by timer) to maintain the word dll loaded ?


Thanks for your inquiry. Aspose.Words does not keep alive the resources all the time. Please note that Aspose.Words loads the resources e.g. document styles, fonts, border arts, etc. on the first call of “new Document()”. When the document is closed, all the DOM data is purged from memory during the next garbage collector cycle.