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Kerning still not supported?

I notice in an old (7/1/04) post: that kerning was not supported at that time when transferring DOC to PDF.

From empirical tests, it would appear that kerning is still not supported.

Is there any way to support kerning when transferring from DOC to PDF?

In my test, kerning is supported in the latest version of Aspose.Word and Aspose.Pdf. If it won't work for you, please provide an example.

How can I send example files? I have prepared two PDF files (1 generated by Aspose.Pdf, and the other generated by manually printing from Word file (generated by Aspose.Word) to a PDF printer driver). The font in question is a signature font, so I want to keep it private, but cannot access the "keep private" checkbox in the forums.

As preamble to the files to be sent, I will note that the Signature Font in question is used in a Textbox. I was trying to use a wide space character before the actual signature letter for spacing purposes; for some signatures I entered kerning definition for a space plus the letter so that those signatures were moved to the left. I have since solved my problem by using multiple narrow space characters and varying the number of spaces used before different signatures, but I would still like to resolve the kerning question.

I also have a question about the line spacing produced in the sample that I will send. Specifically, the Word document fits 4 or 5 extra lines on a page as compared to the PDF output. Why is this? Can it be corrected so that both outputs match?


Joe F.

Dear Joe,

To keep your files private, please send your files to

MS Word has complexed line spacing. The Aspose.Word team and Aspose.Pdf team have managed to solve this problem but until now we still can't make the PDF document and Word documents always have the same line spacing. We will keep working on this issue.