KML -> TAB: Length of the value exceeds length of the field

Message:Length of the value exceeds length of the field. (185 Bytes)

Stack Trace:
at . (Int64 , Int32 , String , Boolean )
at .(FeatureAttributeCollection , Feature )
at .​ (Feature , IGeometry , IFeatureStyle )
at ​ .Add(Feature , IFeatureStyle )
at Aspose.Gis.FeaturesSequence. (FeaturesSequence , VectorLayer , )
at Aspose.Gis.FeaturesSequence.SaveTo(AbstractPath destinationPath, FileDriver destinationDriver, SavingOptions options)
at Aspose.Gis.VectorLayer.Convert(AbstractPath sourcePath, FileDriver sourceDriver, AbstractPath destinationPath, FileDriver destinationDriver, ConversionOptions options)

Hi, @nielsbosma

We have reproduced this problem and created a ticket GISNET-1357. We will notify you here as we will have progress with it.


Hi, @nielsbosma
We can’t get access to your example file now. We get message “Sorry, this file is private”.
Please, check it out and add file one more time if it necessary that we can reproduce and fix the bug.


I can open the URL from the file in the zip. If you can’t download the zip, then it’s your permissions in this forum that needs to be fixed.

Hi, @nielsbosma
We get this exception when try to write very big value to field of Tab file.
However we have decided to have possibility don’t stop conversion for big files because of one wrong value and added new option ‘IsIgnoreWrongData’. In this case if ‘IsIgnoreWrongData’ set true then we trim long data value to field size.

This option will be in next release.


Thanks, I will implement this.