Korean Text Not Getting Displayed In PDF & PPTX Formats In UNIX Environment

Hi Team,

We have Korean text in an excel file.
After converting .xlsx file to .pdf & .pptx the Korean text is displayed as ??? in UNIX environment.
The same is working fine in Windows environment.

Attaching the .xlsx file, generated and working .pdf ouput of .xlsx file and also the ??? image sample for your reference (unable to share the pdf/pptx sample with ??? issue from UNIX environment due to security constraints).

KoreanTextDisplayIssueFiles.zip (42.7 KB)

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Thanks for the template file and screenshot.

It looks like missing fonts issue in Unix environment. Please make sure that the underlying fonts used in the template file (Calibri, Arial, MalgunGothic, etc.) are installed on the system before rendering the spreadsheet to PDF file format. You may put the required fonts in some folder and set its path in the code at the start of your program. Also, make sure your application/program should have sufficient rights to access the font folder.
Sample code:


String fontFolder="/usr/temp/myFonts";
//fontFolder = "C:/temp/myFonts";//This is for Windows <<<
FontConfigs.setFontFolder(fontFolder, true);

Please note, you must execute this code before you execute any other Aspose.Cells code. For more information, please see these articles.

Article Links:
Configuring Fonts for Rendering Spreadsheets

If you still find the issue, kindly do provide your font files and your output PDF file, we will check it soon.