Label is missing from the image

Hi Team,

I have extracted the image from the document. In the attached document, the image was extracted, but the label was missing in the extracted pdf. How to extract the label with the image. please do the needful.

Input : KolakowskiZ-TeterA-COMSTR-D-22-00371-READY.docx (151.2 KB)

Current output: Fig0005.pdf (174.5 KB)


@Mahesh39 The code extracts only Shapes. But labels in your case are not part of image. Please see the structure of your document:

So you need to extract whole paragraph with shapes to get images with labels. But since you are extracting images from documents with different structure, I am afraid there is no easy way to detect such cases and you have to implement document analysis logic, which is out of Aspose.Words scope.