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Landray RDM 131842 Convert Effect

cells source code: (1.6 KB)

origin excel:
表 (76.5 KB)

converted before:
before.jpg (248.8 KB)

converted after:
after.jpg (267.8 KB)

Please have a check.

I have tried this scenario using your sample code but could not observe issue as mentioned in the ‘after.jpg’. Could you please identify the issue in the attached output files created by using the latest version Aspose.Cells for Java 21.1. (124.7 KB)

I used the latest version Aspose.Cells for Java 21.1 to convert the excel file,but still
not work,please have a check.

output html: (79.9 KB)

image.png (89.8 KB)

In your attached output files, file extensions are missing. For example, “toHTML-Aspose_page-1” so please check your code to fix this.

In your screenshot “image.png”, could you please highlight the issue as I can not notice any indentation problem for data in the cells. Please explain the problem a bit more.