Landray RDM 164441 Convert Effect

cells source code: (1.6 KB)

origin excel:
问题文档一 (30.7 KB)
问题文档二 (38.8 KB)

before converted 1:
before converted 1.png (128.0 KB)

after converted 1:
after converted 1.png (51.3 KB)

before converted 2:
before converted 2.png (110.6 KB)

after converted 2:
after converted 2.png (70.6 KB)

Please have a check.


Thanks for the files and screenshots.

Please try our latest version/fix Aspose.Cells for Java v22.4 (Download | Maven) . I have tested using your sample files and it works Ok. Could you please try latest version and let us know if you still find any issue.