Large Tables with Direct-To-File Mode


We’re currently testing the capability of Aspose.Pdf in reference to tables with thousands of records. Initially, it took my program about 3 minutes to finish calling Pdf.Save() with 30,000 records. I decided to use direct-to-file mode and found that it gets hung up on the Section.AddParagraph(pass it the Pdf.Table) as well.

This makes sense considering that the Pdf.Table object is enormous (some 30,000 rows), but I see no way around this. Is there a way to handle this, or will I need to break apart big tables into smaller tables?

Thanks for your help.


Dear cohenn,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Direct-to-file mode can process document with many small paragraphs efficiently. But you can’t get any benefit if you want to process large table. The better way is to split your large table into some small tables before generating pdf. Is this possible for your application?


Yes. We’ll just write out tables with a maximum of 1,000 rows.