LayerGroup.BlendingOptions.Effects is always empty

Why when I add for example Stroke to the LayerGroup in the photoshop, after load I get empty effects list.

		PsdLoadOptions loadOptions = new PsdLoadOptions();
		loadOptions.LoadEffectsResource = true;
		loadOptions.AllowWarpRepaint = true;

		PsdImage psdFile = PsdImage.Load(assetPath, loadOptions) as PsdImage;

			foreach (var layer in psdFile.Layers)
				if (layer is LayerGroup layerGroup)
					if (layerGroup.BlendingOptions.Effects.Length > 0)
						// effects are not supported ???

@Vizgl could you please provide the input file to reproduce this issue. Does this Layer Group has the Effects already?

Here is atteched Psd file with structure like this:
image.png (3,0 КБ)
image.png (3,7 КБ)

After I run code from the first message, I found that layer Container has empty Effects.
Also after convert this psd file to png, I have got image without bluish outer glow:
image.png (1,0 КБ) (10,3 КБ)

Before buy, I want to know it’s works

The issue is that current version of Aspose.PSD doesn’t support multiple effects. But we are already working on this task. It will be delivered in 24.8-24.9. You can track progress by ticket(s) ID in our internal issue tracking system. It will be delivered according to the terms mentioned in Free Support Policies.

Issue ID(s): PSDNET-2003

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