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Layout issue new

Dear team,

We are using image extraction using java aspone in this case in docx there is only one layout but in our code its finding in 2 layout please find below source code

layout = inputdoc.getSections().get(1).getPageSetup().getTextColumns().getCount();
System.out.println("layout  :"+ layout);

input : Revised Manuscript.docx (58.7 KB)

@e503824 Your document contains 3 sections. Aspose.Words returns correct columns count for all sections. The second section is empty and has 2 columns (See 18th page of your document). Please see the following screenshot:

This section is empty. Also, you can check document.xml and see this empty section settings:

<w:p w14:paraId="22379A4A" w14:textId="77777777" w:rsidR="00EC28A5" w:rsidRPr="007B56C7" w:rsidRDefault="00EC28A5" w:rsidP="00EC28A5">
		<w:ind w:firstLineChars="0" w:firstLine="0"/>
			<w:rFonts w:eastAsiaTheme="minorEastAsia" w:cs="Times New Roman"/>
			<w:sz w:val="21"/>
			<w:szCs w:val="21"/>
		<w:sectPr w:rsidR="00EC28A5" w:rsidRPr="007B56C7" w:rsidSect="00BA293D">
			<w:type w:val="continuous"/>
			<w:pgSz w:w="11906" w:h="16838" w:code="9"/>
			<w:pgMar w:top="1673" w:right="936" w:bottom="1134" w:left="936" w:header="709" w:footer="709" w:gutter="0"/>
			<w:cols w:num="2" w:space="284"/>
			<w:docGrid w:linePitch="360"/>

See <w:cols w:num="2" w:space="284"/>.