Layout issues when opening and regenerating presentation

Hi I have just discovered that layout and formatting is not being fully preserved when processing existing PPT presentations. I was originally cloning slides in order to create new presentations and thought that the issue may have occured during this process, but having stripped everyithing back to basics I see the problems when I open and then generate the same presentation e.g.

using (Stream stream = File.Open(originalFile, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read))
Aspose.Slides.Presentation parent = new Aspose.Slides.Presentation(stream);

I would expect the generated presentation to be exactly the same as the original but slide 4 and 5 on generated.ppt (attached) has bullet points and slide 5 positioning and size of main shape is wrong (see text overlapping on bottom corner). Bullet point is also wrong on slide 6.

The attachment conatins an example wherby a cloned slide seems to have duplicate shapes?

A prompt respsonse would be appreciated here since we are supposed to be delivering this to a client. We are also considering some of the other Aspose components.


Dear Kevin,

Please use latest version i.e Aspose.Slides

As advised, I have just implemented the latest version, still have a couple of issues though. Attached are two files original.ppt and generated.ppt they should be identical but:

  1. Bullet points in generated.ppt slide 1 are wrong
  2. Layout on slide 2 is muddled, seems to be a duplicate shape present

I have discovered that the layout issue in point 2 can be resolved by opening and then saving the presentation. I suspect however that if I were to generate a PDF, which is a requirement, then I would still see the problem. I decided to test this and actually discovered that Presentatio.SaveToPDF(stream) is throwing an exception in Aspose.Slides as follows

System.TypeLoadException: Method ‘ࣁ’ in type ‘៷.᪔’ from assembly ‘Aspose.Slides, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=716fcc553a201e56’ does not have an implementation.
at ៷.ᤚ.buildTypeDictionary()
at ៷.ᤚ…ctor(៶ window)
at ៷.៶.set_៾(Stream ࣅ)
at ័.៏.set_្(Stream ࣅ)
at ័.៏.៘(Stream ៙)
at Aspose.Slides.Presentation.SaveToPdf(Stream stream)
at Aspose.Slides.Presentation.SaveToPdf(String fname)

Looking at the slides in generated.ppt, the Master slide seems to differ from original.ppt. Any ideas?


1. problem with bullets is known and we will try to solve it in the next hot fix.
2. Everything is ok in PowerPoint 2003 but text duplicated in PowerPoint 2007. Looks like a problem with your code. Most probably something wrong there.
3. Also should work in the next hot fix.

In terms of code all I am following simple documented code in the test case provided.

using (Stream stream = File.Open(originalFile, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read))
Aspose.Slides.Presentation parent = new Aspose.Slides.Presentation(stream);

  1. Are there any hacks for the bullet point issue?
  2. Why is layout problem reflected in PDF generation if it is 2003 v 2007 issue?
  3. Is there a way to SaveToPdf issue in latest hox fix.

Is there a planned date for the next hot fix? Apologies for the rush but we really need to deliver on this and are now behind having just come across these issues during final testing.


  1. Just now I’m working on bullets problem. Hope to finish in a couple of days.
    2. We didn’t test it carefully yet.
    3. As a quick fix for SaveToPdf exception download zip with Aspose.Slides.dll from here.

Thanks for the speedy response.

I’ve tried the PDF generation. I am opening an existing presentation and then writing it without any other manipulation e.g.

using (Stream stream = File.Open(fileName, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read))
Aspose.Slides.Presentation parent = new Aspose.Slides.Presentation(stream);

You will see from the attachment generated.pdf that the file has been truncated - look at the botton right hand corner to see that the logo has been trimmed, probably because it is the wrong width.


Any problems in the current PPT to PDF conversion won’t be fixed. We are developing new Pdf rendering and took into account all previous problems. The estimated release date is September.

PDF generation is a key feature and one of the main reason we chose Aspose.Slides. I appreciate that you are developing a new engine but surely the current one should still work? Is it not just the case that the current rendering engine is not pciking up the slide size? We need to deliver PDF generation for our project so to delay this by 2 months is a huge problem.


Bullet points appearing inside cells have been fixed in latest version of Aspose.Slides for .NET.

The bug occurs with this hot fix. If you refer to post 137763 in this thread, the bug refers to the arial bullet point showing up § rather than a bullet point. I was advised that this was a known bug that you would be working on and hoping to fix in a couple of days. Please advise becuase this is delaying the completion of a project.


We are working on to fix this problem; however Aspose.Slides works fine with your presentation.