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Layout Shape properties not set


I am creating a SlideEx using a LayoutSlideEx
when I do this, the shapes present in the layout are not copied to the slide ( is this an issue or the default behavior?). So, I am copying the shapecollection elements one by one to slide
foreach (ShapeEx layoutShape in layoutShapeCollection)
AutoShapeEx shape = null;

shape = slide.Shapes[slide.Shapes.AddAutoShape(
)] as AutoShapeEx;
shape.Name = layoutShape.Name;
when I do this all the shapes present in the LayoutSlide get copied to the Slide.Shapes
But the problem is, suppose, if the Shape is a Text Placeholder or a Title, then the default Font formatting’s( FontColor, FontBold, etc…) are not preserved when I copy the shapes from Layout to Slide.

What could be the reason and what is the resolution for this?

Hi Prakash,

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Slides.

I have tried to understand your problem statement but unfortunately I have not completely understand your problem statement. Please share some more detail about your issue with code sample and presentation file for investigation purpose. We really keen to help you but need some more details from your end.