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Length of time word document remains open

We were presenting Aspose.Word to our CEO and I had left open the word document that we use to build our report in Aspose. That obviously produced an error stating the Word Document was "busy". First question he had was "how many people can hit same word document and use it as a template?"

Does Aspose open the document and keep it open the entire time a user is using it as template? Or does it make some type of temporary copy of the document?

Essentially he wants to make sure that if 10 people hit the same word document at same time, at very least it would cause just a small delay in opening the Aspose rendered report and would not error out or take an extended time.



Aspose.Word keeps the document open only during reading. It loads the whole document into memory and closes it. Also, it opens the document in shared mode for other reads to proceed.

So I’m not exactly sure what happened during your demo because I normally have it working for multiple reads okay.

At the moment Aspose.Word uses Win32 structured storage functions to work with the file - maybe the structured storage engine introduces some implications of its own. Anyway, in 1-2 weeks we will stop using Win32 structured storage functions so even if the problem was caused by this, it will be gone.

Also, if you need to read the same document multiple times - it is better and faster to load the document only once and then clone it right in memory. This way you will also workaround the strange document busy problem you are encountering.